Alan Canfora

My name is Alan Canfora. Welcome to my web site.

At Kent State University on May 4, 1970, until a bullet pierced my right wrist, I waved my black flag of despair and anger only 10 days after I attended the funeral of my childhood friend who was killed in the Vietnam War.

Somehow I survived the surreal Kent State massacre when four of my fellow-students were killed and eight others injured when the Ohio National Guard was ordered to “FIRE!” their weapons into our distant anti-war demonstration.

I lived to fight another day and to lead our longstanding May 4 Movement for truth and justice in Kent, Ohio, where I remain active today in 2014 and recognized by many as the leading expert about all aspects of the misunderstood Kent State 1970 tragedy.

A lifelong May 4 activist, student organizer and political activist, I seek to promote positive social change. A proud graduate of Kent State University, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies and Master’s Degree in Library Science.

In 1975, while I was a KSU graduate student seeking my Master’s Degree, I was a founding member of the May 4 Task Force student organization. Since 1975, I have worked to assist the dedicated students of the May 4 Task Force as they meet weekly each school year to organize May 4 education and annual May 4 Commemoration events on the KSU campus.

Since 1989, I volunteer as the Director of Kent May 4 Center in Kent, Ohio, a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization leading our longstanding national and international May 4 Movement for truth and justice at Kent State.

*See our Kent May 4 Center web site at:

On May 1, 2007, I announced viral news of my discovery of digital audio proof of the Ohio National Guard command to “fire!” and kill Kent State students in 1970. This key evidence solves the mystery explain why the Kent State massacre occurred. My discovery remains the most significant evidence regarding the Kent tragedy since 1970:

Note: since 2011, I am also the Library Director at Akron Law Library in Akron, Ohio.

And since 1992 I am the undefeated Chairperson of the Barberton Democratic Party in my hometown of Barberton, Ohio — about 13 miles west of Kent — where zero Barberton Republican candidates have been elected while I have been chairperson.

Online since 1997, I have provided factual information at my web site During the past 20 years online, I have learned that students and teachers are especially interested to learn and teach the lessons of Kent State 1970.

Here is my new, improved web site version and my intention is to offer my personal weekly blog as well as facts, photographs, investigative materials and other information you will not find anyplace else on the internet.

Check here often to see all the new information I will provide in days, weeks and months to come during 2017.

And stay tuned for news announced here soon about our efforts to finally end the Kent State cover-up and imminent publication of my autobiographical book describing my life until and including 1970.


Alan Canfora