Oppose divisive Alewitz / Krause faction anti Kent State Commemoration 2020

Oppose the divisive Alewitz & Krause disunity faction at the 50th Kent State Commemoration of May 4, 1970!

There is an ongoing May 4 factional struggle during this past year which is actually only a small distraction to the vast majority of May 4 movement activists here in Kent. 

They circulate a dishonest, untruthful petition online seeking to divide our movement and our unity in Kent for the 50th Commemoration of the 1970 tragedy.

We seek to honor and pay tribute to the lives and deaths of our martyrs — while this tiny faction of outsiders seeks to attract attention to themselves and their fabricated disunity.

During the past year, before Commemoration events and speakers were announced in Kent, this negative faction has whined and lied about their imaginary complaint of a lack of Commemoration focus upon the anti-war movement and student activism. 

Now that Jane Fonda’s speech May 3 at KSU is viral news, the factional complaints ring hollow and phony, indeed.

And the Joe Walsh/David Crosby benefit concert for a May 4 scholarships on a May 2 also indicates the greatest May 4 Commemoration ever in Kent since 1970.

The May 4 Commemoration keynote speaker, Harvard constitutional law scholar Lawrence Tribe also is impressive to everyone during our ongoing Constitutional crisis except for our few complainers in the Alewitz / Krause faction.

Fortunately, the outside faction of naysayers is led online from afar on the distant east & west coasts by conspiracy theorist Laurel Krause of California and Kent May 4 Movement hater Mike Alewitz in Connecticut. Their tiny band of naysayers has attracted few Kent supporters. 
Neither Krause nor Alewitz has ever organized a May 4 Commemoration in Kent, they rarely ever attended a May 4 Commemoration and they never, ever joined our struggle at protests, marches, demonstrations nor actions where many of us got arrested or injured since 1970.
Consequently, Krause, Alewitz and their few supporters fail to appreciate the vast sweep of the history of our May 4 movement in Kent — while we are certain the 50th Commemoration is a successful culmination of the actions of thousands of May 4 activists during the past 50 years. 
KSU now acknowledges the effectiveness of our movement which resulted in the Commemoration’s significance and unity we share in Kent today. For example, at the May 1-4 Commemoration, the efforts and history of the May 4 Task Force student organization since 1975 will be acknowledged and lauded. Same for our 1980-1990 struggle for the May 4 Memorial.
Alas, not for the Laurel Krause/Mike Alewitz clique who never joined our longtime struggle in Kent. They just sit back and bitch online and try to divide our movement at a time we’re united in Kent and organizing and supporting the most significant May 4 Commemoration ever.
What, Laurel is Allison’s sister, you say? True but I’ve only met her briefly perhaps 4 times during the past 50 years. Laurel only emerged in 2010 and immediately became the top advocate of the long-negated National Guardsmen’s student sniper conspiracy theory. And Laurel also repeatedly shifts the blame away from the killer guardsmen by blaming the CIA and FBI for the 1970 Kent massacre. 
Not a contributor to our movement, Laurel Krause has unfortunately mainly served as a distraction since she finally emerged in 2010. Such a disappointment.
Mike Alewitz was a leader of the nearly-invisible Kent chapter of Young Social Alliance during our own 1968-69 Kent SDS heyday. During subsequent decades, Alewitz has repeatedly attacked Kent SDS as “juvenile” while exaggerating the impact of his lame cell of about a half-dozen do-nothing Trotskyites.
A mediocre muralist and dishonest self-promoter always, Alewitz has also repeatedly claimed he was the “leader of the national student strike” in May 1970. Of course, there was no actual leader of the spontaneous national student uprising of over 4 million students after the Kent massacre. 
And Alewitz did not participate in the epic militant Kent students’ anti-war revolt during May 1-2, 1970, though he did witness the massacre.
For the past year, Alewitz and Krause online have attacked long-standing Kent May 4 activists and whined about everything KSU does for May 4 education and the 50th Commemoration. 
Their ineffective faction has attracted a few similarly disaffected individuals who are outside our May 4 movement. They promote negativity and division. These few don’t celebrate our successful 50 years of struggle nor KSU’s honest efforts to pay tribute to our martyrs at the 50th May 4 Commemoration soon in Kent.
They seek to make the 50th commemoration about themselves.
Join us, don’t join them.