Speaking Engagements


Alan is available for college or school lectures focused upon lessons of the Kent State tragedy of May 4, 1970, including an extensive, narrated Power-point 1970 images presentation — also, if you prefer, positive & negative lessons of the American student activism movement. 

Alan is the leading expert about Kent State 1970 as well as American student activism — past, present & future. Alan Canfora has lectured at over 200 colleges, universities & high schools in America.


As time permits, depending upon my schedule, I am available for students’ phone or Skype interviews regarding school projects re: Kent State 1970, our effective anti-war movement, positive and negative lessons of American student activism, etc.

Feel free to tape the phone or Skype conversation questions/answers (or take notes) and feel free to have your parents, teachers or fellow-students join the interview.

NOTE: I prefer Skype or phone interviews and not email interviews.

To schedule a Skype or phone interview, email: [email protected]


Alan Canfora
Box 3313
Kent, OH 44240

email:  [email protected]